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SaveMeASeat helps remote and distributed colleagues stay connected by scheduling and facilitating networking meetings throughout their organization

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How it works

Step 1: Automated Colleague Matching

Once every few weeks we match colleagues into new groups of 3 to 4 people to have small networking meets!
We analyze who has already met, who should meet, and who can meet in the regular work day considering timezones.
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Step 2: Invites Get Sent!

SaveMeASeat scans calendars, compares timezones and sends a meeting invite when everyone in the networking group is available to meet!

It feels like magic!
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Step 3: Colleague Networking!

The small networking groups click the link in their calendar invite and are taken to their networking meeting on our video chat platform.

They meet, answer fun icebreaker questions, and bond!

It's a low friction way to create relationships vertically and horizontally throughout your org chart
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Reach new heights.

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